Sobre Santa Cruz das Palmeiras

Santa Cruz das Palmeiras is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population is 32,749 (2015 est.) in an areaIt of 295 km². The elevation is 635 localized in Mogi Guaçu River basin and is 30 km far from Anhanguera Highway, in the northeastern of São Paulo state. The high medium temperature is about 32 °C and the minimum is 12 °C, but in the average it´s around 20 °C.It has subtropical weather and it´s topography is flat with gentle undulations and large storm valleys with soil like purple Cruz das Palmeiras has seventeen schools (9 of city, 4 of state and 4 privates).It has two Masonic Lodges (Filhos da Luz, of Grand Lodge of São Paulo and Obreiros de Santa Cruz, of Grand Orient of São Paulo/Brazil).OriginsThe origin of the municipality of Santa Cruz das Palmeiras is linked to the settlement started in 1870, when Manuel Valério do Sacramento provided the construction of a small chapel (on 03/05/1876) in honor of Santa Cruz.The village formed around the chapel came to be called Santa Cruz dos Valérios and progressed with the construction of many houses.The donation of land for a farm named Palmeiras, proposed by the Countess Maria Eugenia Monteiro de Barros, then owner of part of the farm, boosted the appearance of the city, with the addition of the two names: Santa Cruz das Palmeiras.The date May 3 is the anniversary of the city.

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