Sobre Osasco, Sao Paulo

Osasco is a municipality in São Paulo State, Brazil, is located in the Greater São Paulo and ranking 5th in population among São Paulo municipalities. The current mayor is Antonio Jorge Pereira Lapas (PT). The population is 694,844 (2015 est.) in an area of 64.95 km². It is among the world's more dense cities, similar in density to Tokyo and New York City. It's considered the major urban centre of the Western portion of the Greater São Paulo. It used to be a district of São Paulo City until February 19, 1962, when Osasco became a municipality of its own. In 1989 the city became the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of eraThe region that is now Osasco was inhabited by indigenous Tupi-Guaraní BrazilBandeirantes lived in the region that is now Osasco, then called "vila de Quitaúna". The famous "bandeirante" Antonio Raposo Tavares lived modern periodOsasco was founded, in the 19th century, by the Italian immigrant . He came from the commune Osasco in the province of Turin.To Help of the Baron Dimitri Sensaud de Lavaud. Osasco is said to be the place of the first heavier-than-air flight in Latin America. Immigrants from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Armenia, Lebanon, Israel and Japan came to Osasco in the period.

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