Sobre Diadema, Sao Paulo

Diadema is a municipality in São Paulo state, Brazil. Belonging to the ABC Region of Greater São Paulo, it is 17km distant from São Paulo's central point. Initially part of São Bernardo do Campo, Diadema became a city of its own in 1959. The population is 412,428 (2015 est.) in an area of 30.76km2. The annual mean temperature in the city is 19.6°C. Its HDI is located in the heart of a traditionally industrial region, its main source of income is the service sector, featuring 77 healthcare installations. Diadema is home to a butterfly zoo, a botanical garden, an art museum and an its beginning, Diadema occupation process had one fundamental factor: its geographical location between the coast - Vila de São Vicente - and the plateau - Vila de São Paulo de Piratininga . It was the existence of a connecting road between São Bernardo do Campo and Santo Amaro that provided ways for the early inhabitants to arrive to the neighborhoods in the early 18th century. The avenues that are now known as Antonio Piranga and Piraporinha were originated from this early roads.

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