X-Cultural Acceleration Bali Vol. 2, Mundo, Domingo, 01. Abril 2018

HEADS UP! NEW DATES - April 1-8 (after Eastern Holidays 2018)

Make the most out from the Eastern. Uplift yourself and your business in 7 life and business changing days

This is 1-week X-Cultural Acceleration mixing growth stage founders living in cities all over the world, nomad
startup founders residing in Asia and Balinese founders. Made in collaboration with Five Pillar Foundation Hubud: Ubud coworking community space Green School.


-Grow your business up to 400% in just 6 months after the experience (ask our acceleration fellows )
-Connect with one of the most international startup community in the world
-One-o-one mentorship with top level experts and growth stage investors
-Real immersion into the culture, ceremonies and rituals of the mesmerizing Balinese community
-Radically changing the way you manage your business and your life


Have you ever attended a workshop in a bamboo made school that looks like a cathedral?
Nature is a key ingredient of this experience. Most workshops are held in mind-sifting wild and outdoorsy locations.
Yummy balinese organic food, meditation and yoga classes, ecstatic dance parties in vila's, spontaneous evening presentations of the most disruptive startups in the island are the perfect add ons for an experience that will change you forever.
Check it by yourself


This experience is addressed to purpose-driven successful founders, co-founders or CEO's of organizations operating in any industry (profit or non profit) since at least 1 year.

Founders moved by the will of changing the game rules, making a positive impact or creating a brand new ecosystem. We are inspired by B-Corp certification principles and decentralized operational models. Seamingly:

-Growth and pre-Growth stage experienced Founders, co-founders or CEO's)
-Already monetizing, might be doing pretty well, willing to bring their business to the next level
-Driven by the will to change the game rules, create a brand new ecosystem, make a positive impact
-Counting with a professionalized team, willing to keep on scaling their businesses beyond themselves
-Might have just get (another round of) investment and need to deliver short term results
-Even better if you are a nomadic founder curious about life & work in rural and exotic locations

You are specially welcomed if you are:

1. Purpose-driven
Moved by a mission, a cause and/or clear set of values.

2. People centric
Organizations that put people first and are eager to enable win-win value exchange flows amongst all the people involved in their exercise.

3. Blockchain based and/or DAO's
We are specially interested on supporting blockchain based and/or DAO's

4. Environmental friendly
Concerned and conscious about their environmental impact and are willing to minimize it (or being more regenerative with it).


We are building bridges with nomad startup communities in Asia.
The startup ecosystem in Bali is seething and the program comes as a result of the complicity of local strategic partners as Hubud, Green School, Dojo Bali, Bali Startupers, Startup Weekend Bali -TBA- and Hubba Thailand). For Pandorahub is key to establishing bridges with communities of founders who are already living the dream of running a business from anywhere in the world.



X-Cultural Acceleration Bali Vol. 2

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