Wonders of the World Wellington Weeks 8-11, Mundo, Segunda, 05. Fevereiro 2018

Ever dreamed of visiting the Empire State Building or the Great Wall of China, seeing the **** Lisa or navigating the subways of Tokyo?

Thanks to Ryan ‘The Brickman” McNaught you can explore a world of epic LEGO® masterpieces, where some of mankind’s most amazing achievements from all over the globe come together in a world first, fully interactive experience.

More than 50 awe-inspiring and never-seen-before models will be on display at the BRAND NEW “Wonders of the World” exhibition.

Visitors will be taken on a historical, storytelling journey through time, with the opportinity to discover more about each attraction – real life and LEGO life. Open until 11th Feb 2018!

Wonders of the World Wellington Weeks 8-11

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