09. Março 2018 - 13:00

Women's Retreat at Star Lake, EUA, Sexta, 09. Março 2018

Join us for the annual retreat.
It has been said, "TIME, it is our most precious gift because we only have a set amount of it." It is so precious that God deals it out only second by second. God, the Creator and Appointer of TIME calls us to be aware of His timing, His purposes, and His appointing of life's events every day. So, what time is it? It is time for us to recognize and respond to the fact that we are here at this time because it is God's appointment for us. It is time for us to look into His word and discover what He has to say about the critical times in which we are now living. Our desire is that each day we will find ourselves to be in the "right place at the right time!"

Women's Retreat at Star Lake

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