Wedding Social In Honor Of Nicole Funk & Johnathon Hawkins, Mundo, Sábado, 28. Abril 2018

Nicole & Johnathon are getting married!❤

Come on out to celebrate their upcoming wedding together!

The Social will be held at the rink in Hamiota.

18+ ~ Prizes ~ Late Lunch ~ Look Music ~

Tickets are finally in 🤗🎉 and are being sold by:

Nicole Funk 204-868-5545
John Hawkins 204-764-7230
Braeden Funk 204-724-9102
Taylor Brooks 204-764-0058
Nathon Hawkins 204-764-0862
Patrick Hawkins 204-764-0817
Lee Webber 204-724-9532
Murray Maitland 204-764-0468
Brady Brown 204-851-3554
Deanna Alexander 204-868-5430
Alyssa McLean 204-210-2239
Jennie Smith 204-210-0278
Joey Spodzieja 204-210-1310
Linda Noel 204-573-4611

Tickets are also available at Tj's in Hamiota!

Tickets are $10


Wedding Social In Honor Of Nicole Funk & Johnathon Hawkins

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