Visions and Vino, 2085 W Aspen Creek Dr, Sexta, 14. Dezembro 2018

Come and create your best life ever! At this vision/dream board workshop you will not only learn HOW to create the life you have dreamed of but also what action to take to get there!Your registration includes: - All the supplies needed to create your board ( though you must purchase or bring your own magazines based on your desired lifestyle)
- Wine and light dinner -A special gift from Naomi  Once you have registered, your pre-event worksheet will be emailed to you. This is to help guide you through the thought process and understanding of your goals and dreams. Bring the completed work sheet to the each attendee must bring:     - Printed photo of you at your best self, 4x6 is recommended (example: smiling, laughing)    - A few magazines that represent areas of your dreams (Fitness, Fashion, Travel, Finance and lifestyle magazines are great examples)     - Quotes & clippings you may have saved or have hanging on a bulletin board in your home or office; you may not even know why you clipped them or liked it at the time (bring them, at your workshop you will find out why you may have hung on to them)*Photographs will be taken at this event.  As an attendee you agree to have your photograph taken.**Refunds are not available but ticket can be transferred to friend or family memberAbout your presenter Naomi Gibbs, the founder of Get it Girl Workshops.She resides in Nampa, Idaho with her husband, Rick and is the bonus mom of 2 awesome has been helping others make their dreams a reality since 2006 which is when she fulfilled her dream becoming a talent manager and developer, overseeing the careers of numerous models, actors and singers. Her clients have been published in national magazines, commercials, music videos and sitcoms. Naomi’s personal achievements are what inspired her mission to teach others how to find their purpose and passion and to set goals and achieve them. Growing up, Naomi struggled with her weight and self image but she had a clear goal and started her career as a plus size model at age 18. She faced the same obstacles most young women **** today – self esteem issues, romantic woes, loneliness, confusion, insecurity and health problems. Yet through it all, she persevered keeping her goals and passions in front of her.In 2008, Naomi graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY and holds a certificate in image consulting which reaffirmed her passion for helping people beyond just the clothing they wear on the outside. Naomi truly believes that each woman already possesses within everything she needs to be the best version of herself.In 2017 she achieved yet another dream of hers by becoming Mrs. Idaho International and went on to represent her home state on the national stage placing in the top 15 out of 63 women.Her goal is that every person who hears her message or attends one of her workshops would find encouragement, hope and inspiration to follow their own dreams.

Visions and Vino


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