TouchDesigner 101 Workshop - Getting Started (Berlin), Berlin, Sexta, 14. Dezembro 2018

For everyone who wants to get a fast track start on working with TouchDesigner, this workshop will provide a good basis to gain an initial understanding on workflow, concepts and techniques while equiping attendees with the knowledge to start creating interactive / generative setups.
(subject to change)

Introduction to UI and basic work concepts
Familiarization with different operator families
Generative and instancing techniques
Introduction to Python and usage cases
Examples to explore practical applications
UI building
Performance strategies

Space is limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible!
Date is:

Friday, December 14th from 10:00 to 17:00

Head Geeks:

Markus Heckmann (derivative)
Stefan Kraus (mxzehn)


Earlybird €60.- till November 30th midnight
Regular €75.-


a computer with the lateset official TouchDesigner099 installed and keyed (more information on installation and licenses here)
a 3 button mouse
please consult the System Requirements to make sure your computer is capable of running TouchDesinger099

Location will be announced in the upcoming days.

TouchDesigner 101 Workshop - Getting Started (Berlin)

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