01. Julho 2040 - 0:00

This is it, world wide, Domingo, 01. Julho 2040

***this is a beginning revolution movement, I hope for it to evolve over time**** Remember, i am just one person, i want to start the movement. I may not be alive by the end of it, but i will hold solace in the fact that I started it, and thats all I wish to do, to plant the seeds of doubt in your head about our community, our nation, our government because they are not looking out for you, they are looking out for themselves. the most basic of all messages I hope to achieve through this movement is the universal love of all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other differing factor. If you are going to bring any past biases, or prejudices please leave this page, you are not wanted. We are not fighting for what religion believes to be right, for what a corporation believes to be right. We are fighting for the very essence of what we, as individuals to be right.

Do not read if you do not want to participate, this movement is not for chair activists, this movement might require sacrifice, it might require you to get off your *** and do something useful with your life, this movement I fear may even end with the loss of lives because this is a movement for the people, by the people, for ALL people.

****I do not and will never condone the use of violence**** this is meant to be a civil disobedience movement, there will come a time when violence can and will be used against us, but we are stronger than that, the violence against us will only serve our purpose, will only justify this movement more.

So, this is it. We, humans, humanity, people, the mass collective our community has devolved to a point where man and woman fight against one another, Canadians fight against Americans, Whites fight blacks, tall people fight short people, people fight people, rich fight the poor. What have we come to where we judge a person based on their skin? based on what happens in the privacy of their bedroom? based on actions that have no consequence for us whatsoever. We, as a community, as a world wide globalized community need to look deeply at the systematic injustices that invade our society at every level. How is it just that while one man( Or woman) accumulates mass wealth, and can afford private jets, servants, water that costs $10 a bottle all because they they have the 'self drive' or the 'business sense' to exploit millions of people for their benefit? on the flip side, there are people who have to walk literally hours just to fetch a bucket of water, something that flows out of our Canadian sinks and taps at an alarming rate.

There are injustices everywhere, and yet we ignore them based on the fact that we are "happy", what does it matter if my buying a bottle of water drastically affects the well-being of a person or people thousands of kilometers this being said, my view of injustice may not be the same as yours or the next person to read this but, through dialogue and discussion I believe we as a community can figure out what injustices we can combat, such as the injustices formed by corporations. for instance please read this wikipedia article. . The owners of Bhopal killed thousands of people and left many more injured as well as causing birth defects for some of the population for many years to come. Anyways, I hope that through dialogue we can expose these issues and correct them.

I hope this to be a world wide movement, but it all starts with us. The privileged in society, it doesn't take much to realize that no matter where your are in the social hierarchy, the large majority of Canadians will still be in a better standing than the rest of the world. We as Canadians need to see the injustices being performed in our society such as the police having a monopoly on violence, wouldn't it make sense to have a community panel that polices the police? The change starts here, within me, within you.

I am giving us until the year 2040, 26 years from now, a quarter century plus 1 year. If the changes we seek are not rectified, be prepared for the consequence.

This is it

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