The Shades of Diversity Fashion Show in Austin,TX., EUA, Quinta, 05. Abril 2018

Since the very beggining Texas Model Management defined
a new era of collaboration with different communities
and iniciated a movement that extended nationally.
Austin,TX. is proud to unite in this iniciative as part of the fashion week circuit thanks to Media Artist and Producer: Victor Quinteros with

The focus on diversity, inclusiveness, and fairness isn’t just for social good. A growing mound of evidence, including a recent study by McKinsey, demonstrates that diverse teams lead to better performance and innovation in business.

As a global society, we all need to recognize that every person counts. That all people deserve and can have a great experience and events like Fashion Week give us a perfect enviropment to work together. We believe is the positive outcome, there’s a ripple effect—as those participants leave good days at the event to be better parents, community members, citizens.
That’s why we’ve started talking about how it’s time for a great place to have fashion for all. For every guest, every VIP. For every model, for greater collective prosperity, and for a better society.

The Shades of Diversity Fashion Show in Austin,TX.

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