The Send Brazil, Morumbi Stadium, Sábado, 08. Fevereiro 2020

THE SEND BRAZIL - Tickets valid only for non brazilian residents.
A new Brazil is coming. We see the opportunity for a generation of Christians to arise, without the separation of beliefs and actions. A generation that does not conform will be activated in its evangelistic and missionary calling.
Join 80,000 people on February 8th, 2020 in São Paulo to be encouraged to take the gospel to different parts of Brazil and the world. If every Christian in Brazil leads one person to Christ, 46,653,766 people will still be saved just this year!!
While we feel urgency, we also feel very hopeful with the possibility of a simple solution: every Christian should have their missionary and evangelistic calling activated.
It's time for Brazil!
IMPORTANT:These tickets are not valid for brazilians residents. 

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The Send Brazil

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