The Room • with Tommy & Greg LIVE • February 2018, Reino Unido, Segunda, 05. Fevereiro 2018

From Monday 5th February 2018—the man, the myth, the legend — Tommy Wiseau returns to The PCC for the annual screenings of his "disasterpiece" The Room! He won't be alone though, as his best friend Greg Sestero will be by his side! The two take the stage to present each screening of THE ROOM and their latest film Best Friends Movie—screening from it's Final Cut! As always, Tommy and Greg will be available in the bar selling merch, taking photos, and signing autographs before and during the films. After a successful stint of shows this past September, we couldn't be more happy to have cult cinema's dynamic duo back in 2018!

With James Franco's The Disaster Artist (based on Greg Sestero's best-selling tell-all about the making of The Room) debuting at The PCC this December, we've had a lot of people ready to join the "Cult of Tommy"! Interest in Tommy's 2003 "best-worst movie ever"—THE ROOM— is at an all-time high! So, why not join Tommy and Greg live at The PCC to see what all the buzz is about? It's hands down, the most exciting event we run all year!

What are you waiting for? Tickets are now on sale!

THE ROOM • with Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero LIVE!
Mon 5th Feb: 18:30 (Sold Out) & 23:59
Tue 6th Feb: 16:00, 21:15 (Sold Out) & 23:59
Wed 7th Feb: 15:40, (18:30 & 21:15 both Sold Out)
Thu 8th Feb: (18:30 & 21:15 both Sold Out) & 23:59
Fri 9th Feb: 16:00, (18:30 & 21:15 both Sold Out) & 23:59
Sat 10th Feb: (13:00, 15:45, 18:40, 21:20 all Sold Out) & 23:59
Sun 11th Feb: 12:30, (15:15, 17:50 both Sold Out) & 20:30
Mon 12th Feb: 18:30 & 21:15
Tue 13th Feb: 18:30, 21:15 & 23:59

BEST F(R)IENDS • with Greg Sestero & Tommy Wiseau LIVE!
Mon 5th Feb: (21:05 Sold Out), 21:45 & Tue 6th 00:30
Tue 6th Feb: (18:30, 21:45 both Sold Out) & Wed 7th 00:30
Wed 7th Feb: 21:45 & 23:59
Thu 8th Feb: (21:45 Sold Out) & Fri 9th 00:30
Fri 9th Feb: (21:45 Sold Out) & Sat 10th 00:30
Sat 10th Feb: (21:45 Sold Out) & Sun 11th 00:30
Sun 11th Feb: 21:00
Tue 13th Feb: 00:20 (technically Wed 14th)

Please Note: Tickets are sold separately for each film.

The Room • with Tommy & Greg LIVE • February 2018

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