TB303/TR606 **** PRODUCTION RUN, zombie modifications, Segunda, 30. Dezembro 2069


The TR606/TB303 **** injection mold is completed and we will be taking orders. We have worked hard at this, and zombie modifications is happy to bring this too you

We have been fortunate enough to get the injection mold, that made all the KNOBS, BUTTONS SLIDER SWITCHES, so we had this remade and have had all these parts manufactured, we also have new original stock and the manufactured ones are exactly the same chrome plated **** little acid and drum knobs

We are not going to sell them piece by piece but we will do a group order, so when we get a total of say people who want in total 2000 or more knobs we will then have another batch pressed, we simply are trying to re-coup the costs for the injection die which cost a looooot.
so join this event, and add a post containing the quantity you are after in a when/if the number gets to the amount then we will do a massive post and collect money

We need to setup some rules we will have to specify a
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) because we are not going to send just 2 knobs to someone (not yet anyway)
We think a MOQ of:
10 x Small ****,
10 x Selector ****,
10 x Large ****
40 x Step Button,
10 x Run/Stop button,
10 x Scale Cap.

We think this is fair if you do not agree or want a very large quantity let us know we can do a better price on large quantities, we should also mention that we have had the new ones made with the original knurl on the inside but we also can have the various different D type shaft inserts made, round shaft and other knurls so you can be selective, so you can have a choice and use these on your projects.

prices are as follows: the same for all shaft types

Small Knobs $5 each
Large Knobs $7 each
Selector Knobs $8 Ea
Step Buttons $3 Ea
Run Stop Button $4 ea
Scale Cap $3 ea


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