SWFI Training Scholarship Program Orientation - Daytime, ARIZONA@WORK - West Career Center, Terça, 12. Junho 2018

In July 2016, the Department of Labor awarded the City of Phoenix the Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) grant. SWFI is designed to help low-to-middle skilled parents access the affordable, quality child care they need to participate in education and  training programs, earn a professional license or credential,  and ultimately compete for better paying jobs in emerging industries.
Grant Criteria for Eligibility:

Age 17 years or older and out of secondary school
Legally authorized to work in the US and;
Have childcare responsibilities for at least one dependent in the household under the age of 13 years (or 13  years and older with a disability or developmental delay)
The applicant is considered the parent, guardian or any other in legal role of parent

Training Programs:

Certified/Licensed Nursing Assistant
Certified Medical Assistant
Computer User Support Specialist
Network and Systems Administrator
Insurance Customer Support
Insurance Claims Adjustor

SWFI Training Scholarship Program Orientation - Daytime

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