Summer Solstice Outdoor Meditation, Mundo, Sexta, 22. Junho 2018

Hello Everyone! Come on out to Spiritual Journey for the monthly Meditation. This month we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice with an outdoor guided meditation and ritual. The Moon's in Scorpio, so its sure to be a magical will be a Bonfire if anyone wishes to write down the things they wish to release to the universe by throwing it in the fire.We can then move forward for the Summer energies. Bring a lawn chair or yoga mat for the your own refreshments if you choose to drink something special. Bring some snacks for roasting over the fire. Then just sit back and enjoy the is Perfect if we surrender to it's 22ndFrom: 7pm-10 pmLocation: Spiritual Journey Exchange: $35.00RSVP to: or text/call 306 781-1300. I will forward a gps pin for directions to spiritual journey. Located just 2 miles outside the city of ******.I look forward to seeing you there!

Summer Solstice Outdoor Meditation


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