Strong Foundations with Dana Falsetti (nolatrees), EUA, Sábado, 17. Março 2018

In this workshop, Dana will share her story with you and then break down a Sun Salutation in a way that encourages you to consider what you’re actually asking your body to do in each posture. She will offer thoughtful cues each step of the way, and show you how to tailor the sequence to your personal practice. From an informed understanding of these fundamental postures you will see the rest of your practice shift. Focus will be on controlled movements, relative alignment, and connecting shapes. This workshop is suitable for total beginners and intermediate students looking for a fresh perspective. This is the perfect workshop for those who want a chance to evolve and stabilize their personal practice in a more in depth way, and tune into body awareness with further attention to detail.


Strong Foundations with Dana Falsetti (nolatrees)

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