24. Fevereiro 2018 - 6:00 até 23:00

State Patty's Day 2018, EUA, Sábado, 24. Fevereiro 2018

Welcome to State Patty's Day 2018!

Ranked one of the top 10 parties in the country, State Patty's Day is a must attend event! Invite your friends to the Facebook event and let's make this the biggest State Patty's Day in history!

Oringinating in 2007, students from all around the country come to State Patty's Day to celebrate a day of partying to replace the the real St. Patrick's Day which lands during spring break. Background Info:

The State Patty's Day team is striving to ensure safe participation and respect towards the community. Please act responsibly and don't ruin it for future State Patty's Day's!

Use #StatePattysDay2018 and follow the fun via social media!

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State Patty's Day 2018

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