10. Março 2018 - 13:00

Spring Break: Catalina Island, Mundo, Sábado, 10. Março 2018

This spring break IUOA is headed to the west coast to explore the wonders of Catalina Island! During our 6 days on the island, we will spend 4 days backpacking and 2 days exploring both island towns (yes there’s only 2!!) and snorkeling.

Imagine watching a beautiful sunset and falling asleep under the stars, EVERY NIGHT! We will be camping beachside and on the tops of mountains, hiking along the Pacific Ocean, maybe even seeing a buffalo or two! Don’t miss out on this WONDERFUL opportunity to meet some AMAZING new people, and make the memories of a lifetime!

Rough Itinerary:

Day 1 - Travel Day (Arrive at LAX* no later than 1pm UTC); leaders will meet you and transport to Catalina Island via shuttle/boat.
Day 2 - Hike to Two Harbors (5mi)
Day 3 - Layover at Two Harbors* (snorkeling and exploration)
Day 4 - Hike to Little Harbor (6mi)
Day 5 - Hike to Blackjack (7mi)
Day 6 - Hike to Hermit Gulch (9.5mi)
Day 7 - Layover at Hermit Gulch / Explore Avalon*
This day is a day for groups to choose what they would like to do/ how much they would like to spend.
Free/Cheap possibilities include:
Visiting the Nature Center
Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Gardens ($7- highly recommended)
Going to the Beach
Viewing the Art Gallery
Walk around/ tour the city

More expensive possibilities:
Mini Golf ($12)
Theater/Casino (historical tours: $13)

Day 8 - Travel Day; Group will hike to Avalon, take boat and shuttle to LAX airport*

*Extra Costs:
- Flights to/from LAX airport**
- Select meals during layovers (to allow for local cuisine)

- Additional activities during layovers (snorkeling included)

Spring Break: Catalina Island

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