Soh Daiko Concert, March 24th, @ LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, EUA, Sábado, 24. Março 2018

Join us at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center for one of our biggest performances of the year. Presented as a part of the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series, we will be performing a mix of Soh Daiko classics and modern hits. The event is free, but you must reserve tickets in order to attend, as the concert hall fills up quickly.

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For more than four decades, Carnegie Hall has partnered with local community organizations to bring outstanding mainstage artists—as well as exciting rising stars of classical, jazz, and world music—to neighborhoods from the tip of Brooklyn to the top of the Bronx. Tapping into the pulse of diverse communities, these free concerts bring together local residents and people from throughout the city to share in the joy of music.

Soh Daiko Concert, March 24th, @ LaGuardia Performing Arts Center

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