Social Security Workshop hosted in Phoenix, AZ, Mesquite Library, Segunda, 29. Outubro 2018

With Social Security and Medicare accounting for over 60% of the Federal budget, changes to these two benefits happen yearly. Sometimes they benefit Baby Boomers and other times they can sting or outright hurt boomers.  Education is the key to success in retirement.  What you were taught 2 years ago has changed today and will probably change in the future.
Join us for this important, free event open to the public. 
They will walk you through the potential pitfalls of Social Security and show you ways to take advantage of Social Security laws that will benefit you. They will cover additional important topics listed below.

No products will be sold here; this is strictly educational.
Topics we will discuss:

How did new Social Security laws affect your retirement strategy?

Why waiting to take Social Security might not be the best move or your best move.

What happens if your spouse is still working?

What if you still are or want to work part-time?

What if you are divorced or widowed?

How to maximize your Social Security benefits. 

How you can reduce taxes on Social Security


How inflation and interest can impact your retirement

How to prepare for future medical costs

How to help reduce the cost of Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care

What you can do to reduce your income taxes

What happens if you have an estate plan in place

Is there a cost to attend?
No, there is no cost to attend.
Do I need to bring anything?
No, you will be provided a folder with tax information along with a pen and paper to take notes.
Will any investments or investment products be discussed?
No, there will not be any discussion of any investments whatsoever.
Will I be pitched or sold anything?
No, there is no sales pitch, this is an educational workshop.

Social Security Workshop hosted in Phoenix, AZ

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