15. Fevereiro 2018 - 17:00 até 20:00
Greater London
Greater LondonFulham Rd

Silk Road Fashion Show, Greater London, Quinta, 15. Fevereiro 2018

The Silk Road Fashion show is bringing together designers from the Silk Road
countries in one show in London to celebrate their innovation and creativity. The show will demonstrate what Silk Road fashion is about today, based on tradition, modern ideas and different cultures.

The Silk Road Fashion show is taking place at the exclusive and famous Chelsea Football Club.

Our concept is to bring these diverse designers together to experience the diversity of modern design along the Silk Road, exchanging experience and ideas as the Silk Road has always done. In particular it will allow designers and buyers in the UK to experience these new creations and provide opportunities for new contacts and business relationships.

Silk Road Fashion Show

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