Sensual Liberation Camp, Private Retreat Center, Domingo, 01. Julho 2018

The 7 day V.I.P. workshop is designed for men who desire to explore ancient paths of increasing male sexual power and liberation revolving around the adoration of the female body in an exotic and luxurious environment. You will be personally coached by Michael Perin Wogenburg and a female shaman teacher from Peru. It is an exclusive workshop strictly limited to 7 participants.
Early teachings of shamanistic sexual alchemy, breath exercises and the sacred herbs of ecstasy will be part of these 7 intense days. (Ayahuasca or other psychedelics will not be employed in this workshop) The shaman's spiritual teachings have been passed down from the ancient Incan, Mayan, Toltecan and Azteca traditions. She is a Master of Peruvian shamanism and devotes her life helping people to overcome physical and psychological issues. During the workshop, she will enlighten you with the sexual secrets of ancient shamanistic traditions.
The teachers will guide you through a magical week of sexual self-discovery, experiencing the bliss of pure existence. In the beginning of the retreat, you will enjoy the secrets of the Azteca sexual massage, a kind of bodywork where the practitioner is trained to listen to the person's hidden bodily desires during an elevated state of trance. In the jungle, the participants will perform specific exercises together and each man according to his age and needs will receive herbs to strengthen his sexual power, for example, the well known Catuaba tea.
You will perform exercises to achieve stronger *******, extended lovemaking and many other sexual methods the Western world usually associates with 'Tantra'. As many of us carry hidden anger issues you will be taught ancient release methods of domination and submission, which can free your mind from anger and worries. If conditions are right, the teachers will be able to introduce the participants to the secrets of the Sexual Clock, a South American equivalent to the lost teachings of the Indian Maithuna.
The workshop is held in English. Visit us at

Sensual Liberation Camp

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