Sedona Adventure - Finding Your Place in the Tribe - Spring 18', Mundo, Quarta, 25. Abril 2018

This is our 7th Sedona Adventure and I'm still super excited! The event theme evokes so much rich soul witnessing and community depth that everyone goes back to their lives changed, in awe and knowing the brightness that IS possible for humanity.

*We recommend reserving your place now! All of our Sedona Adventures have sold out before the end of the early-bird period. This event is already half reserved!!*


You are more amazing and have more value than you can possibly imagine. This adventure is about uncovering hidden value that is innately and irrevocably in you. It is also about finding the best ways to more fully express your unique talents, value, power and beauty.

-Discover how unique and valuable you really are
-Realize where you fit and how your part integral and essential to the big puzzle picture
-Being your true self and embodying your unique expression is pivotal to the expansion of all
-Open new ways to live and express your true gifts and talents and not settle for less
-Find and remove blocks that may be preventing you from being your FULL joyous self in everyday life
-Cultivate confidence and motivation to truly follow your excitement at all times regardless of the outcome
-Open up, elevate, and clarify aided by Sedona’s vortex energy and the energy of the group
-Make strong, deep and intimate connections within this group and with others

-See Itineraries and Pictures of activities and below
-Hikes to Vortexes on Red Rocks
-Swim in the Creek. (If it’s not too cold. Bring your swimsuit)
-Toning and Sound Circle
-Guided meditations
-Group Exercises and Discussions
-Building your Tribe and Community in your own everyday life
-Color Your Essence: Intuitive creativity group circles

:: Organic Nutritious Delicious Meals ::
-You will be treated to organic, nutritious, gluten-free, raw (mostly), vegan meals, smoothies and snacks based on our community recipes. The high energetic vibration of this food will not only nourish your body, but your mind and soul as well.
-ALL MEALS are included in the adventures price AND are hand-made with love by the Harmonious Earth Community with foods that are in season and native to aid in connecting and grounding in the vortex energy of Sedona.

:: Invest In Yourself ::

-Early Bird Special price $1095. Save $200 if paid in full by February 25, 2018. Price thereafter $1,295
-Deposit $295 holds your place. Click here to Pay now!
-Balance Due after Deposit $800 if paid before February 25, 2018. If paid after February, 25th, the balance due is $1,000
-Payment in Full Due 30 days before adventure begins.

Accommodations extra - Check out the details on the site to stay on the property at an affordable rate:

Reserve your place now! All of our Sedona Adventures have sold out before the end of the early-bird period.

Sedona Adventure - Finding Your Place in the Tribe - Spring 18'

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