Savage in Limbo - ShanleyFest 2018, Mundo, Domingo, 04. Fevereiro 2018

Vault Projects presents

by John Patrick Shanley

at the 2018 Master Playwrights Festival

---THE SHOW---

On a Monday night in a neighbourhood bar, a group of regulars stuck in a state of limbo and loneliness gather together to seek relief from the purposelessness of their lives and the disappointments of the outside world. “Savage in Limbo” is a tragicomedy and concert play performed in a site-specific, immersive environment at Fools + Horses.


Director: Frances Koncan
Assistant Director: Angelica Schwartz
Starring: Johanna Burdon, Ntara Curry, Ady Kay, Frances Koncan, & Gislina Patterson


Fools + Horses is located at 379 Broadway in Downtown Winnipeg. Drinks and light snacks will be available for purchase before, during, and after the performance.

* Fools + Horses is a physically accessible venue with one unisex bathroom!


Language, sexual content, repeated use of a racial slur (in the context of surname, which, I mean, the 80’s were a weird time). This play features depictions of unspecified instances of anxiety and trauma and may not be suitable for all audiences, and is recommended for ages 16+.


All tickets are Pay-What-You-Can, with a suggested price of $25.

To book online:
To reserve with your pass:
To pay at the door: Come to the door (cash or credit only)

If there are any other barriers to attendance for you or someone to know, please email us and we will try to accommodate you as best we can!

Savage in Limbo - ShanleyFest 2018

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