Sandler Training Sales Bootcamp Indianapolis 08 16 2018, Sandler Training DTB, Quinta, 16. Agosto 2018

Controlling the Buyer-Seller Dynamic
No matter the size of your business, a single person tech start up or a Fortune 500 Mega Corp, Sales Revenue is the engine that drives your business. If you aren't satisfied with your sales results, then you should participate in this Sandler Sales Boot Camp.
The Sandler Sales Boot Camp is known for providing a systematic approach to selling and philosophies, processes and tactics that really work. Whether you’re the CEO, President, Owner or salesperson of a company that sells technology, manufactured products, financial services, tangible products or intangible services - this is a boot camp you can’t miss - regardless of your sales experience!
Topics will include, but not be limited to:

Creating new business opportunities from scratch
Achieving mutual respect in the sales process
Not getting bled for "Unpaid Consulting"
Overcoming difficult objections
Getting your price for your products and services
Winning business when we are not the 'cheapest solution'
Knowing what it takes to truly differentiate ourselves from the competition
Moving prospects and clients out of "stall mode" and triggering them to action

This Sales Bootcamp starts at 9 AM and ends at 4 PM. Materials will be provided when you arrive. Plan to be there between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM. Dress is business casual.
Seating is limited, so don't miss out... Register today!

Sandler Training Sales Bootcamp Indianapolis 08 16 2018

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