Salty Sow Tequila Dinner, Salty Sow, Terça, 31. Julho 2018

Join us at Salty Sow for a night of indulgence as we explore authentic flavors of Mexico with a modern twist. We are proud to present a July Tequila dinner as the next adventure in our 2018 summer dinner pairing series. Your night is an exploration through 5 unique courses; each course an artful combination of culinary extravagance paired with fresh Tequila cocktails. Spice up your palate, spice up your cocktail, and spice up your night. Spices, peppers, and Tequila... Not for the faint of heart!

First Course
OYSTER - oyster on the shell, smoked tomatillo mignonette
SHOOTER - pink peppercorn infused don julio blanco

Second Course
CARNITAS TACOS - mexican coke braised pork shoulder, salsa piña, avocado, spanish onion, cilantro, tortilla de maíz azul
CERDO BORRACHO - clase azul reposado, ska brewing "mexican logger", ginger agave, blood orange, lime, tajin sal

Third Course
CRAB TOSTADA - jumbo lump crab, red onion, serrano, cherry tomato, charred corn, avocado, lime, chipotle aioli, cilantro
SANGRITA - tequila ocho plata, white wine, fresh peaches, lemon juice, serrano pepper

Fourth Course
CHILI ROASTED CHICKEN THIGHS - mole blanco, bacon braised cabbage, sesame seeds
OLD FASHION - fortaleza añejo, demerara sugar cube, amarena cherry, orange peel, aztec chocolate bitters

Fifth Course
TRES LECHES CAKE - spiked horchata milk cake, mexican sweet cream
SPIKED HORCHATA - mexican vanilla bean infused tequila tapatio reposado, canela, almond, almond milk, rice

Salty Sow Tequila Dinner

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