18. Novembro 2017 - 13:00 até 16:00

Rung Barsay (islamabad), Mundo, Sábado, 18. Novembro 2017

Rung Barsay
Sat 18,Nov, 2017
Last date of Registration 1,Oct,2017
Event Cost
Rs 700 -Only
Venue :Tanga Grill restaurant bani gala Islamabad
Note :
Single Male members are not allowed
Passes Availabe
For Passes:
Contact Details
Shahid Mehdi- 03111-953338
Engr Yawar Abbas - 0336-5258535
Jawad Ali -03130585014

RUNG (playing with colors)
Singing (song dedication)
Food Stalls
DHOL Bhangra
Free photography
Rung wil be provided free with the ticket
*** Female participants are encouraged to join.
*** Families are encouraged to join.

Members, and their Guests are expected to abide by these Rules and any violation of the Rules may subject the Member to suspension .

**Members and guests are fully responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged at the Club.
**Members and Guests are required to follow the parking and traffic regulations.
**Members and Guests are required to follow the parking and traffic regulations.
**Good order, proper hygiene, appropriate attire, and consideration of the rights and comforts of others must be observed at all times.
**No Abusive or Provocative Language.
**Respect other members.
indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing, profane or otherwise inappropriate material;
**Members and guests may not display actions that the Club staff deems unsportsmanlike or rude, or misuse, move or alter any portion of the Club environment or property.
**Equipment must be handled with care and should be returned to their proper place after use; any abuse will result in loss of Membership and Club Privileges.
No pesonal guards ,arms and weapons allowed
**Use of Drugs prohibited in premises of Rang barsay area
**Dont try to be frank with person which you don,t know,
**Members shall pay for any loss or damage to property for which they or their Guests are responsible. No property or furniture shall be moved from or to the Club without management approval.
**Any complaints regarding the conduct of Fitness Facilities staff or of a Member or Guests should be reported directly to the Club Management Team.

If you think positively
Sound becomes Music
Movement Becomes Dance
Smile Becomes Laughter
Mind Becomes Meditation
And Life Becomes a Celebration…

Rung Barsay (islamabad)

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