Rest, Revitalise & Inspire - 27th May-1st June 2018 in Bali, Mundo, Domingo, 27. Maio 2018

☀️ ☀️ ☀️ Rest, Revitalise and Inspire 2018 is officially live! We’d love you to join us in Bali for a practitioner experience of a lifetime.

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When we launched Rest, Revitalise & Inspire in 2017 we had a clear vision about how to help health practitioners find the clarity they need to grow an authentic business, in an environment that nourishes, supports and inspires them.

What happened at Rest, Revitalise & Inspire, was so much more than that!

“I ‘was’ that person thinking ***, flailing around trying to do marketing for myself. Ha! Taking the time and finding truly what my values are. …is confirmation to follow my heart and start this project that I had been only dreaming about".
~ Christine Carley - Love Thy Health, naturopath and Rest, Revitalise & Inspire 2017 participant

A retreat is about taking time away from the usual demands of clients, business and daily life. It’s a place to rest, reflect and learn. Bali is an ideal place to do this. We’ve found a beautiful, calm environment with delicious nourishing food to work from.

We also make sure there’s sufficient time to relax, be pampered and digest all the new ideas.

We’ve created a program that includes opportunities for self-care, meditation, yoga and other movement practices, as well as 4 -5 hours of business and personal development group work each day. Through a unique series of workshops, we help you get in touch with your values and individual vision of an authentic way to work. We also share practical skills to help you achieve this. Together we have over 40 plus years of naturopathic business experience to support you, as well as the synergy of a diverse group of practitioners.

Our inaugural retreat attracted both emerging and highly experienced practitioners. Participants ranged from 3 to 30 years in business, across three different complementary health professions. The program is appropriate for any health professional who wants to grow an existing business or develop a new one.

“Thank you Charmaine Dennis and Gill Stannard for the most amazing, unique and inspiring business retreat!”
~ Doreen Schwegler, naturopath and Rest, Revitalise & Inspire 2017 participant

If you’re ready to delve deeper, we’d love to work with you.

We'd be honoured if you help us make this happen too. If you know any other health practitioners who would be interested in this retreat, could you please share the love.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Charmaine Dennis and Gill Stannard

PS for more information about us for those of you we don't know, check out our business websites:

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Rest, Revitalise & Inspire - 27th May-1st June 2018 in Bali

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