Radical Intimacy - Mysteries of Love, Walk in Wellness, Sexta, 26. Outubro 2018

Where Eros and Psyche meet, love heals wounds — including the wounds inflicted by love itself. Thus, how we RELATE to the love within us and around us determines ... everything.
When we meet love with inquiry rather than accusation, with invitation rather than recrimination, we open to giving and receiving the loving relationships we imagine and crave.
This session — standing alone while building on our previous workshop — emphasizes love's glorious finding, its painful doubting, and its triumph through devotion and perseverance through the classic tale of Eros and Psyche.
Join as the God of Love witnesses the apotheosis of human soul into Goddess of Insight.
Dr. Gregory Scott Baisden welcomes you to an afternoon of discovering and exploring Radical Intimacy® — where relationships move from confused relativity into radiant relate-ivity.
Come share your experiences — while journeying through a mythic tale about love found and fumbled, intimacy embraced and nurtured... Which parts will speak to where you are right now?
In this two-hour workshop, we will explore:• The nature, qualities, and purposes of interpersonal loving• Our shared experiences of and aspirations for loving• Exercises identifying our personal gifts and blocks in loving• Techniques for freeing our relationships into Radical Intimacy®• The story of Orpheus & Eurydice — a potent mythological mystery offering clues to the riddle of romantic love
Gregory's Radical Intimacy® Coaching invites us to discuss, envision, play, storytell, and resolve our way from fixity to flexibility, from resistance and recrimination to acceptance and invitation, from doubt of love to joy in love.
Come hear, share, release.

•| Investment |•EARLY BIRD admission - $30 Individual • $50 CouplesDAY OF admission - $40 Individual • $60 Couples
•| When |•Friday October 26, 2018 • 7PM - 9PM
•| Where |•Walk in Wellness4527 N 16th Street, Suite 101 • Phoenix, AZ 85016
•| facebook pages |•Mythic Yoga > Pathwork >
All Mythic Pathwork events welcome an inclusive community sharing within a diversity of perspectives and cultures, spiritual paths and practices, sexual and relationship orientations and configurations. Join us in spirit and observance of affirmative human being.

Radical Intimacy - Mysteries of Love

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