01. Abril 2018 - 20:00

Prince Harry's Stag Do, Reino Unido, Domingo, 01. Abril 2018

Harry has decided to tie-the-knot, and because we think that he is a top bloke, we might see if we can get an invite to his stag do, or even better, be his Best Man.

If we are picked to be his best man, then we have decided on the following itinerary (subject to change and confirmation):

Muster at 12:00 (location to be confirmed). Dress code will be Toga themed. We might grab a **** to eat from a local PFC Chicken 'eatery' before downing some shots.

14:00 Paintball tournament. As Harry is hard as nails, he has mentioned that he does not want anyone in any sort of 'health & safety' gear. So the rig will just be Desert Camo.

18:00 we will have a Curry. We are also hoping to have a bit of Karaoke. We are going to ask Charles if he would be willing to start the sing-off by covering a Cheryl Cole or Little Mix number.

Depending on how busy they are, we will also try and book Cheryl or Little MIx for a gig.

21:00 we will meet at Spearmint Rhino's in order to "re-Group". Its a bit pricey here, so we are expecting that at 22:00 we will head off to the Ministry of Sound for a few hours of hard-core Drum & Bass (bring trainers and white gloves)

04:00 Those who are still conscious, make your way to Southend Airport to catch the 06:36 Easy Jet flight to Amsterdam. Once in Amsterdam, we will make our way to a local Coffee Shop in order to re-group once again, and enjoy some local cake.............

14:00 As we are having a stop off at a coffee shop, we have allowed for a few hours of R&R. However, the afternoon challenge will be to get into drag, and try and infiltrate one of the 'window spaces' as a Brass.

Whoever gets the first proposition, wins.

After this competition, we will be having a few more Jars, before making your own way back to Blighty.

Prince Harry's Stag Do

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