Pre Wedding Social in Honour of Kaylah Krieger & Weston Turner, Mundo, Sábado, 24. Março 2018

Kaylah & Weston are getting married which means it’s time to socialize!

It is being held at the Boissevain Legion on March 24, 2018.

Attending tickets are $15 (including one entry into a draw for 2 Jets tickets) * you must attend to be entered

If you would like to support the Bride & Groom but you are not able to attend there are support tickets available for $10 (including one entry into a draw for $100 VISA gift card) – The generosity is appreciated!

You can get tickets directly from:
Kaylah (204.730.2366)
Weston (204.534.0588)

Our wedding party:
Karlin Krieger: Clear Lake or generally anywhere
Nicole Turner: Boissevain or Brandon
Meaghan Brezden : Winnipeg Or Dauphin
Hannah Brezden : Winnipeg or Dauphin
Taylor McVannel : Portage

Andrew Albrecht: Boissevain
Lance Austin: Boissevain
Bryce Adams: Boissevain
Mike Dales: Boissevain
Jay Graham: Boissevain or Ninga

Can’t wait to celebrate with you all!

Pre Wedding Social in Honour of Kaylah Krieger & Weston Turner

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