Postpartum Body Workshop, Well Family Chiropractic, Domingo, 28. Outubro 2018

Join Dr. Jennifer Lavin, a Physical Therapist and Women's Health Specialist, at Well Family Chiropractic for a 3 hour Postpartum Body Workshop. This women's only workshop is full of information on how to combat incontinence, leaking on impact, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, back pain, Diastasis Recti and core weakness in the postpartum body.
Designed to inform women on the anatomy and biomechanics behind the changes that occur in the 4th trimester, this workshop also includes a physical practice in order to provide women with practical skills that can be utilized immediately following the workshop.
If you are looking to build strength, develop stability, regain control, and find confidence in your postpartum body, then this is the perfect workshop for you!
Who will benefit from this workshop:

Women 6 weeks to 2 years postpartum

What you will need to bring:

Yoga mat
Water bottle
Journal to take notes
Comfortable clothes that won't restrict movement

Reservations with ticket purchase are required due to limited space.

Postpartum Body Workshop

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