27. Janeiro 2018 - 13:00 até 17:00

Pongapalooza: A Beer Pong Tournament, EUA, Sábado, 27. Janeiro 2018

Does your beer pong duo have what it takes to win it all at The Anthem's Pongapalooza? Start the new year off with this incredible daylong beer pong tournament kicking off at 1pm - Saturday, January 27th. 32 Teams will be entered into the bracket on a first come first service basis. Compete for the chance to win a prizes, drink beer and enjoy 4 Premium Tacos.

Spots are limited so register today

Team Pong Entry $25 includes
(1) Team (2 person) entry in pong tournament
(2) Bucket of beer
(3) 4 Premium Tacos
*Players do not have to consume alcohol to participate.

•Each player gets one shot; elbow behind the table or thrower forfeits shot
•Pull cup(s) opposing team hits
•If both players hit a cup within the same turn, they get ***** back
•Bounce shot = 2 cups removed
•After making 2 shots in a row, that player can call on-fire. If they make 3rd shot in a row during their next turn, they can keep shooting until they miss; player MUST call on-fire directly after making 2nd shot
•After last cup is made, the game is over (no rebuttals, resurrections, or redemptions)

•At the end of each timed round, the team who has hit the most cups will move onto the next round
•Sportsmanlike taunting is allowed; hand waving in front of cups or other distractions are allowed (if cup is knocked over, it is removed from play)
•Players CANNOT touch ball until it has bounced on the table
•If ball remains live on table either team can grab it. If shooting team grabs it, they can shoot again; guys shoot behind the back, and girls shoot with non-dominant hand
•The ball is dead once it hits the ground and goes to the team waiting to shoot
•2 re-racks are allowed by each team; you must ask for re-**** before shooting
•Players can ask for cups to be ‘fixed’--if cups get slightly moved due to water or from a shot, player can ask for cups to be 'kissing'
•Fingering/blowing ball out of cup is NOT allowed
•No “celebrity shots” or player substitutions once game has started (even if teammate is in bathroom, gets sick—whatever case may be)

Each game is 30 minutes; championship game will not be timed:
1:30pm Round 1 Heat 1
2:05pm Round 1 Heat 2
2:40pm Sweet 16
3:15pm Crazy 8
3:50pm Final 4
4:25pm Championship Game!
5pm Winners claim prize
(Times are appromiximated)

Pongapalooza: A Beer Pong Tournament

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