Pilates with Medical Professionals - Lyme Disease, EUA, Sábado, 21. Abril 2018

Lyme: New Research, New Outlook
You have been diagnosed. Perhaps you only suspect. Curiosity about a growing epidemic leaves you wanting more information.

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New research has found that those who are still experiencing symptoms after successful treatment of Lyme have a new or secondary infection. The idea of "Chronic Lyme" is a misnomer. 10% of those infected will experience lingering symptoms after successful treatment, and for those more antibiotics aren't the answer.

Join Dr. Kerns for our next Talking Pilates with Professionals and learn more about this new research and how Pilates can help you find a better quality of wellness.

Please use the link below to purchase your ticket and then be sure to reserve your spot in the workshop through our scheduling link on the website or the Mindbody app.

$25 to attend. Once you purchase your ticket, please be sure to enroll in the workshop so that you reserve on the roster. Rsvp'ing on facebook does not reserve your name. Tickets must be purchased. Space is limited to 25 attendees.

Pilates with Medical Professionals - Lyme Disease

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