Okazakiden no maki event - Phila Denshukai 2018, EUA, Sexta, 18. Maio 2018

Learn the most subtle mokuroku waza in aikijujutsu today. Much more than "just" jujutsu, they exhibit the use of winding and spiraling much earlier than in other expressions of the art. Also, our mokuroku are constantly CHALLENGED. Learn what thi means and how to totally revamp your look at mokuroku/kata.

We will cover the entire ten no gata over this weekend. We are now showing much more than our oyo, we have been releasing material on our mokuroku, bukiho, and anma- all in Philadelphia since the early 1970's.

$ 150 for the entire weekend. Payable via PayPal at aikipayments@yahoo.com

This is a full weekend event.

Friday- 6-9 pm (foundational basics)
Saturday- Noon to 5 PM (ichigen)
Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. (ichigen)

Take your jujutsu, aikido, aikijujutsu to whole new levels!

Okazakiden no maki event - Phila Denshukai 2018

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