No More Masquerade, Big Heart Coffee, Sábado, 15. Dezembro 2018

 It’s time we take off the mask, and implement a plan to actually become the person we portray. This event is for those that have been sitting on an idea, a business, a book, a non-profit for far too long.
Come out and get motivated, be inspired, but most importantly get the tools you need to get started.
So what are you getting for $35?
-The 2019 Vision Planner
-1:1 Strategic Coaching Session 
-Vision Pusher Training on S.M.A.R.T Goals, Implementation, Overcoming Hurdles, and How To Be Successful in 2019
-The Risk Takers Panel Experience
Come out dressed to impress (masks not required but seriously when are you ever going to get to wear one again)
Catered Appetizers and Mocktails (I need you focused)

No More Masquerade

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