Nirvana classic albums tribute (Unplugged & Nevermind), Mundo, Sexta, 23. Fevereiro 2018

Friday, 23rd February Lounge Apes return to Hamilton's Altitude & Gravity Bar // VENUE to perform their authentic grungy tribute to Nirvana. Fans will get the opportunity to experience Nirvana’s ‘Unplugged in New York’ and ‘Nevermind’ authentically reproduced live and loud by New Zealand’s very own Nirvana tribute act – Lounge Apes (and arguably their biggest fans also).

Unplugged in New York was released a few months before Kurt Cobain’s death. It served to reinforce what many of us already knew: that his songs could be stripped down to basics without losing their innate melodies, that he had a fondness for pretty, lugubrious tunes, and that there was an intense, lonely vulnerability lurking behind that scraggly blond hair and those dark eyes. The album includes classic covers by ‘The Vaselines’, ‘David Bowie’ and ‘The Meat Puppets’ as well as Nirvana staples like ‘Come as you are’ and ‘About a girl’.

Those who argue that Nevermind is one of the greatest albums of all time do so on the basis that it changed and defined music, single handedly, for the first five years of the 1990s. You would be hard pressed to find a single album that has done so before or since. The impact that the ultimately doomed Seattle **** made, over just seven years, makes Nirvana one of rock’s most successful artists. Nevermind begins with Nirvana’s signature track: Smells Like Teen Spirit, which Rolling Stone Magazine ranks at #9 in its 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. That set the tone for an album of epic Grunge. It is soon after followed by ‘Come as you are’, ‘Lithium’ and many more memorable Nirvana tracks.

Nirvana classic albums tribute (Unplugged & Nevermind)

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