24. Fevereiro 2018 - 18:00 até 21:00

Music Sufisticated, Mundo, Sábado, 24. Fevereiro 2018

For The Very First Time In Islamabad, We bring you A Pure Sufi Night Filled with Ecstatic Musical Vibes from Sultan Ul Qadiria Qawwal expanding The Horizons of Music from Classical Traditional Qawwali to Modernized EDM Collaborations. All Happening on The Beautiful Outskirts of Islamabad.
So Get Ready To Experience The Renditions at It's Best.
More Details about Stalls, Tickets, and Guests are Coming Soon. Stay Tuned and Keep Sharing.
People Interested to Grab a Thematic Stall are Welcome.
Feel Free to Contact for Any Queries.

Music Sufisticated

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