Magyar Csapat - Temesvár SAF 2018, Mundo, Sexta, 13. Abril 2018


MInden évben nagyokat bulizunk itt!
Elképesztően jó ár/érték arányú fesztival, kellemes/erős partykkal!

Passok a legjobb áron nekünk:

SAF, the XI-th edition
13 - 15 April 2018

Terry & Cecile (France)
Rodrigo Cortazar (Mexico) – new entry
Bersy Cortez (Spain)
Super Mario (UK) – new entry
Juan Matos (Italy)
Vanessa Lacedonia (Italy) – new entry
Gianni & Roberta (Italy)
Samuel FunFlow (Spain)
Chip McClure (UK)
Tamba & Emanuela (UK) – new entry
Salsa Factory (Romania)
Kat & Eddie (UK) – new entry
Arnold & Wandaisha (Romania/USA) – new entry
George & Liza (Germany) – new entry

Salsa DJ's:
Willy VipR (France)
Patrick El Clasico (Switzerland) – new entry
Romy (Romania)
Tulimar (UK)
Martin (UK)
...2 more to be confirmed

Kizomba Dj's:
Sai Sai (France)
TarraXXAa (Germany)
Andy Kiz (Romania)

The XI-th edition of Salsa Addicted Festival will take place all in the same location and it will be structured in 4 sections:

1. Workshops (12AM - 4PM)
(partnerwork on2, cha cha - boogaloo, musicality shines, body movement, pachanga, etc)

2. Social by Day
Friday between 4 and 8PM
Saturday & Sunday between 12AM – 6.00PM
– 2 workshops included
(music to be played: salsa, bachata, kizomba, afro-house)

3. Social by Night (10PM – 6.30AM)
(Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
- 1 room salsa (salsa romantica, mambo, cha cha cha)
- 1 room kizomba (kizomba, semba, afro house)
- 1 room bachata (sensual, dominican, urban)

4. Shows: only on Saturday night.
No announced shows for Friday & Sunday Night.

Prices (ticket sales are opening on May, 1st)

Addicted Pass (includes classes, social by day, social by night)
- 65 euro in the limit of 50 passes
- 90 euro in the limit of 300 passes
- 100 euro from Feb 1st
- 115 euro from March 15th

Social Pass (includes day & night paries, 2 all level mini bootcamps)
- 70 euro in the limit of 50 passes
- 80 euro after the 50 passes are sold out

Beginners Pass (available from January, 15th)
- info will be available on line at the right moment

Party Pass - available each night at the door
Friday night: 30 euro
Saturday night: 30 euro
Sunday night: 30 euro

For any questions please contact:

...see you SAF!
#saf #weknowhowtoparty #socialbyday

Magyar Csapat - Temesvár SAF 2018

Frita Comigo ?

Frita Comigo ?

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