Known World Bardic and Champion’s Choice Competition, Mundo, Sexta, 23. Fevereiro 2018

"Known World Bardic and Champion’s Choice Competition
Estrella War XXXIV, Friday February 23rd 7:00pm (dusk-thirty)
Located in Big Red in the Atenveldt Baronial Camp

Known World Bardic
ALL BARDS WELCOME!!! The Barony of Atenveldt would like to invite ALL BARDS and ENTERTAINERS to the 17th OIde World Bardic Festival on Friday night, Estrella War 2018 for the opportunity to show their talents and enjoy the entertainment of bards from across the nation!

There will be four categories:
YOUTH BARDIC – All bards under the age of 18 may compete with any form of entertainment they wish to gift the public. Music, spoken word, dance, and other types of entertainment are all welcome!!
SPOKEN WORD – May the story tellers and poets of the known worlds come forward to enchant us all! Original, period, and future pieces all welcome, so long as they are performed by speaking.
KINESTHETIC – This category is for physical entertainers, may that be dancing, puppeteering, or live dragon-taming. If your entertainment is primarily expressed by movement, this is the category for you! Both historical and original pieces accepted!
MUSICAL – Finally, the most popular form of crowd entertainment. This category is for singers and instrumentalists. Historical, original, and future pieces are all welcome.

First, Second, and Third prizes will be given in each category.
A fifth and final award will be given to the Champion’s Choice, a single performer favored by the facilitator of the event.

There will be three impartial judges for all the categories. There will be a single round of performances, and only in dire moments of indecision will a tie-breaker round be initiated. PREPARE A SHORT SECOND PIECE JUST IN CASE.

This is a fantastic opportunity to SHOW OUT on behalf of your Kingdom, Barony, and Household, so DON’T MISS IT. If you care to secure your performance slot ahead-of-time, please feel free to email (or send a FB PM) with your Letter of Intention, and intended categories. Thank you!

Yours in Service
Barony of Atenveldt Bardic Champion

Known World Bardic and Champion’s Choice Competition

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