15. Fevereiro 2018 - 18:00 até 21:30

Just Poetry, Mundo, Quinta, 15. Fevereiro 2018

#JustPoetry An #OpenMic dedicated to Sharing, Healing, and Building. Hosted by Justice That Works partnering with Fair Trade Cafe a safe landing and meeting spot for so many of us in the community.

#JTW Heard the call at our last open mic event in response to the Police Violence at the Anti-Trump Rally downtown Phoenix, when we were asked not to wait until another traumatic event happened to facilitate an open mic dedicated to healing and community power. Just Poetry will be a monthly open mic happening on the #ThirdThursday of every month at Fair Trade Cafe

Free & All Ages!

(((All Ages meaning this is not a bar so, there are no age restrictions. However, because of the subject matter and perhaps some of the potential language that results from our people addressing trauma, we recommend all parents consider what you want to expose your children to.)))

Signups will start at 6 pm
Signups will remain open so that people may come and go as they please and we will do our best to ensure that as many people want to get on stage will have the opportunity to do so.

Special Guests:
There are many ways to deal with trauma, anger, frustration, fear, pain, or rage; as well as, hope, vision, love, truth, honor, and justice. Writing, story telling, poetry, spoken word, hip-hop, and visual art are some of them. Sharing those works of art is another.

This will also be a space for those who do not wish to share, but would appreciate seeing and/or hearing others processing through what has and continues to happen to our People and our Peoples responses to that oppression.

(((ACCESSIBILITY notice)))

The #OpenMic will be in the courtyard. That means it may also be chilly. If that might make you uncomfortable sitting for a while, I would like to recommend bringing a blanket or something so that you are as comfortable as you would like to be.

#FairTradeCafe is accessible by transit. It is located right across the street from the Roosevelt & N. Central Ave Light Rail station.

Also, both the cafe and the courtyard are street level accessible.


Come and hang out, share space with us, eat some good food, and let's build the world we want together.

#Share #Heal #Build #Justice #Power #Community #Phoenix #AZ
#JusticeThatWorks #Respect

Just Poetry

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