Jazz for Beginners- Thriller Theme, Ballet Fusion Fitness - Studio BFF, Quarta, 03. Outubro 2018

This workshop brings classic dance-style-jazz and an iconic album- Michael Jackson's "Thriller"- together for a fun and energizing class that is also a killer workout! As a style, jazz is bold and energetic. This workshop will focus on just the basics, so that regardless of your previous dance training, you will be able to keep up and enjoy yourself while working up a good sweat! 
Dress comfortably in clothes that are easy to move in. Shoes are optional, but you will want to make sure you can use the floor comfortably: socks, half-soles, ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or sneakers are recommended. Yoga mats are often used during cool down so make sure to bring one too if you own a mat. 
**Event admission is valid for new clients only or those who have not been in within the past 12 months. No refunds after purchase. Please plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop for a brief studio introduction and intake. Late arrivals of 10 minutes or more from the start of the workshop may not be allowed entry. 

Jazz for Beginners- Thriller Theme

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