01. Junho 2018 - 11:00

Israel Young Adults Tour, Mundo, Sexta, 01. Junho 2018

In a world that is becoming more and more hostile towards the gospel of Jesus and His message, Christian parents can do a great job of raising their kids to love the Lord by attending worship services so they do not forsake fellowship with other Christians.

Sadly, too many good Christian kids lose their faith and search for answers in the worldly education system that has become so anti-Christian and pro-Islamic on one hand and pro-socialist on the other. Both ways are, as you know, all about either false gods or a false perception of our God.

Behold Israel is offering young adults a unique experience in Israel on June 1-10, 2018 to broaden their understanding, deepen their faith and strengthen their trust in God and His Word.

It's a 10-day/9-night-long Bible study tour that will include activities for young adults such as kayaking on the Jordan River, a RZR ride in northern Israel, a camel ride in the desert and walking through the wet Hezekiah tunnel under the city of David in Jerusalem! We will have daily Bible studies on location for an unforgettable experience!

Hurry and sign up as space is limited to 40 young adults, ages 18-26. The trip will include chaperones.

For information or to register, contact us at info@beholdisrael.org

Israel Young Adults Tour

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