13. Abril 2018 - 18:00

Isle of Wight Gothic Circus, Reino Unido, Sexta, 13. Abril 2018

The Gothic Circus is coming to town!

Tickets Now For Sale here!!

Freaky ladies and freaky gentlemen, We Present To You...The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus!😈🤡🖤

From 6pm till 2am in a candy colour - Freaky Party people!
Mainland and island performers

6pm - 7pm: Introduction to the Circus, DJ playing metal, Goth music and off & on stage acts
7pm - 9pm: Rock bands and off stage performances
9pm - 11pm: Main Show
11pm - 2am: House and funk music, on stage acts & Very ****** ending

3 Bands:
Mr Strange
Wight Hot Pipes

DJs playing rock, metal, Industrial, Funk, House and Dance Music:
DJ Mewtant
DJ Crabbie

11 Dark twisted performers:

Cha Cha Le Burr
Belle Blonde
Talula Blue
Aurora Galore
Ravenna Grimm
Charlie Bouquett
Betty Machete
Circus Safia
Delia Du Sol
Skinny-Red Kasia
6 Guinness Record Miss D'Ville

Hoop Acrobatics
Side Shows
Fire performers
Laser Show
Freak show acts
Freaky Magic
Cage dancers
Dramatic ****** stage Play

Food stands
Cocktail bars
Mini Ale Barn
Breakfast stands
Vintage Amusement Park

Dress code: Fancy Dress Optional (Gothic/Victorian/Circus/SteamPunk,Rock/Top Hat Fashion) Casual Smart...No tracksuits!!

Islander price £38 (limited tickets and time)
Early Bird tickets: £40
Tickets: £45
Tent and caravan space available no charge
Onsite parking available no charge

Email: management@
Call: 01983 862742 for enquiries only

Age 18+
Subject to Licensing
Refunds available only in the event of cancellation
Terms and conditions apply

Isle of Wight Gothic Circus

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