Indy Teens Fun & Games Club (at East Washington St Public Library), Indy Public Library (East Washington branch), Sábado, 14. Julho 2018

Our rules are simple. Be Really Nice & Have Fun!
​Blending In is dedicated to the single purpose of providing a safe and laid-back environment for teens to socialize and have fun. The Indy Fun & Games Club is especially for teens high on the autism spectrum, home-schoolers, introverts, or any teen who just wants to come play games, hang-out, and make new friends. 
Attendees should be somewhat independent. Our facilitators are present to lightly facilitate events, however, we depend on participants and parents to make transportation arrangements and set the rules for whether the participant may leave the event location. (If you wouldn't feel comfortable leaving your child unsupervised in a public library or city park, then please stay for the duration of the event.)
Typical Activities: Introductions, Snacks, Board Games, Video Gaming, Arts & Creativity.
Teens and parents are welcome to come and observe to get a feel for it.

In 2018, the Indy Fun & Games Club meets in the basement of the East Washington Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library, located at:
2822 E Washington St,
Indianapolis, IN 46201
2nd Saturday of each month in 2018
Email for more info:

Indy Teens Fun & Games Club (at East Washington St Public Library)

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