Improv Comedy Workshops, The Wayne Smith, Quarta, 25. Julho 2018

Wanna Learn to be More Funnier & Creativ'er?
Sean Hoy, a nationally recognized improvisational comedy performer, and an instructor will show you how to use humor as a powerful tool of communication. He teaches his students the basic rules of improv, comedic acting, stage presence, public speaking, teamwork, thinking on one's feet and so much more. Come join him every Wednesday from 6:30-8 pm.
First Class is FREE 
$7 per class after. 
This is an on-going class with the goal to create a Troupe to eventually perform. 

About The Wayne Smith: We are Tempe's creative coworking space committed to providing individuals a space to work on their passions! Click here for a free day-pass!

Improv Comedy Workshops

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