08. Fevereiro 2018 - 18:30 até 21:00

Imbolc Ritual and Potluck @Elemental, Mundo, Quinta, 08. Fevereiro 2018

Honouring the arrival Spring! Well, sort of.

Winnipeg won’t likely see the first stirrings of Spring for several more weeks while come February the UK will be much warmer and flowers like snow drop and violets are breaking free from their earthly cocoons. With such an environmental discrepancy it can be hard in our climate to connect with the celebration of Imbolc. Fear not.

We’ll be lighting the bale fire, give offerings and feast to honour the goddess, Brigid, so she may light within us the fire of inspiration and insight to carry us through.

Doors will open at 6:30pm and close at 6:40pm. Pre-ritual workshop begins at 6:45pm and ritual should start by 7pm. A $5 donation is ask of each participant to cover costs, plus an extra dollar for Poor Biddy. (Monies collected for Poor Buddy will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest).

Ritual should not last longer than an hour and will be followed by a potluck that everyone is welcome to join.

Registration limited to 30 people. To register please call Elemental at 204-779-8900 to get your name on the list. Ritual will take place in Elemental’s downstairs temple.

Imbolc Ritual and Potluck @Elemental

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