08. Março 2018 - 12:00

IB Study Trip - Budapest, Mundo, Quinta, 08. Março 2018

Dear all,

You have all been a part in choosing our Study Trip destination for the spring - the result is Budapest! Yay!

We have worked hard to find accommodation, activities, and ideas for all of you so we can have an amazing trip. But to be able to get the trip as cheap as possible, we have to start booking everything now. Due to this, we need a deposit from everyone joining.

For now, the dates planned are March 8th to 12th (Thursday – Monday).

Deposit amount: 1200,- DKK
Payment period: 7-14 DECEMBER
Maximum anticipated total payment: 2500 DKK approximate.

The deposit will not be refunded, if you decide to withdraw. Also, there will be no chance to join the trip after the deposit deadline.

Additional information:
The price (2500 DKK) includes, at least, the following:
- Flights
- Busses to / from airport to accommodation
- Accommodation
- One or two dinners

We will make a schedule for the trip, where you will have at least one day off, to do whatever you want to! In addition, there will be time slots where you can take advantage if there’s even more things you want to see / do. The activities on the schedule are not mandatory!

The schedule will include:
- Company visit
- Thermal bath
- Pub crawls
- Dinners
- Fun and cultural activities
- Clubbing
- Free time to explore on your own

More information will follow in December!

Also, this is a trip for everyone in the class, so don’t hesitate if you don’t know many of those who decides to go. We will allocate everyone in rooms with others, so there will be good chances of getting new friends, or to become even better friends with those you already know!

If there are any questions, comments or good inputs, feel free to contact us – we want everybody to join, so let’s make it work!

Xoxo the Social Committee
Simone, Tabea, Live Embla, Katarina, Elise and Erik!

IB Study Trip - Budapest

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