HUDDLE - Internal Family Systems (IFS), Journeys Counseling Center, Sexta, 03. Maio 2019

HUDDLE is a monthly professional development opportunity for students and early-career therapists to learn from the experienced therapists at Journeys Counseling Center in Tempe, AZ. We will connect over the beauty and challenges of therapy as an experienced licensed professional therapist from Journeys Counseling Center will share openly about their personal and professional journey in the field of psychotherapy. Participants will be introduced to professionals in the field, learn about a variety of treatment modalities and interventions, and will have the opportunity to ask the presenter questions.
Join Stephanie Otte, LPC, NCC as she shares her experience with Internal Family Systems!

Learn about Internal Family Systems (IFS) as a treatment modality.

Talk about how IFS can be used to help in trauma treatment.

Explore how IFS can reduce internal conflict and increase self-compassion & self-acceptance.

Discuss interventions that can be used to help clients explore their on internal family systems.

HUDDLE - Internal Family Systems (IFS)

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